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Fashion is constantly evolving and has a constant flow of new designers popping up on a daily. So, when a designer manages to capture our attention from the rest, it means a whole lot more than just being “new” on the fashion scene; it must embody something extra, different, refreshing, and create a need to see more. Such is the case with Wendy Heijne and the near catalytic rise of her label aptly named Studio Heijne.

I sit down with the innovative founder and designer and though she is busy running her business and a family, her demeanour is calming, friendly and her nature so humble. Feels like we’ve met before, but we haven’t. She has an adorable mixed Dutch-Swedish accent and speaks about her brand with determination and pride and has fond (and funny) memories of how it all began.

It all started when Wendy was a child, growing up in her homeland the Netherlands, always sketching in her notebooks or making clothes for her Barbies, unaware of her exceptional talent and that she had more potential than she really knew. Wendy contemplated careers being a doctor, psychologist or a fashion designer, but her true calling was realized back in her high school days, she remembers with a big smile. “I was in high school – I couldn’t really sew or anything! I tried taping things together, I created skirts out of chicken wire, my dresses I made from garbage bags and I made fake fur dresses too. I had a fashion show at high school with this and it was amazing!” she says, laughing and beaming from ear to ear.

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