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Sweden Selected is a premium destination, travel, fashion and lifestyle magazine.

It is published in two languages, aimed at the largest markets in the world – English and Chinese.

We bring you our favorite selections of all things incredible that Stockholm, Sweden and Scandinavia has to offer with a focus on travel, style, culture, sightseeing, shopping, dining, design, music, adventure, business and more.

We hope we can stylishly inspire your experiences here in Sweden, influence your travels and increase your knowledge of the wonders this Kingdom provides.

Paul Svensson

The contrarian restaurateur

Sweden has more skilled cooks per capita than most other countries. Paul Svensson is one of them. Born in Helsingborg, he would have become a bricklayer if it had been up to his father. But Paul had other ideas in mind. He loved working with his hands and would no doubt have been a godsend to the construc-tion industry. Instead the culinary arts were blessed with a practitioner whom few can match.  read more…

It is here!

We are so proud of our latest issues of Sweden Selected for 2017! Make sure you don’t miss out on them! They are filled with great inspiration, collaboration and ideas of all things Swedish and Scandinavian.  It is the most stylish destination magazine on the market and it’s free!
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Studio Heijne

Fashion is constantly evolving and has a constant flow of new designers popping up on a daily. So, when a designer manages to capture our attention from the rest, it means a whole lot more than just being “new” on the fashion scene; it must embody something extra, different, refreshing, and create a need to see more. Such is the case with Wendy Heijne and the near catalytic rise of her label aptly named Studio Heijne.
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– the sensational Swedish whisky

The year was 1998. A group of friends, four women and four men who had attended Stockholm’s Royal Institute of Technology together, were planning a ski vacation in the mountain village of Sälen. Each of them was to choose a bottle of liquor to pack with their gear and share with the others over the course of the week. Flushed and excited after the first day on the slopes, they unwrapped their libations.
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Lapland a world of contrast

We stand there awestruck by the billowing ballet of the goddesses. Like galactic emissaries to the darkness and piercing cold, the Aurora Borealis illumines the arctic night. But we are snug in our warm clothing and are about to sleep on reindeer skins at the Ice Hotel. Tomorrow we will take a dogsled to a Sami village.
We are in Jukkasjärvi on the outskirts of Kiruna, the biggest city in Lapland. The famous hotel will be only one of our many unforgettable experiences.
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A  hotel is usually described as a “home away from home,” but this one however feels like a grander version of that, more like a “world within a world.”. Now, I am not sure if that is partially a great result thanks to the incredible marketing, or the very glamourous opening they recently had – there are so many potential reasons, but whatever the exact one may be, there certainly is no other hotel like it in Stockholm or in Sweden.
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This picture truly sums up our experience with this issues fashion shoot titled in English as: ‘Living the Swedish Dream’. Managing a shoot with a story and crew of approximately 14 creative individuals and getting it all done in one day has been crazy and loads of fun!
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Perfect vacation reading

This issue of Sweden Selected makes the perfect vacation reading! With great inspirational ideas to pick up when visiting Sweden or online shopping. If you are on your way somewhere, or even if you are arriving to Sweden  – pick up your copy of Sweden Selected at the tourist information of Arlanda International Airport.  read more…

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